Client: Cracker Box Palace

Date: March 2021

Location: Alton, NY

barns copy-01.jpg
barns copy-02.jpg

Cracker Box Palace is a registered non-profit, no-kill farm haven in Alton, NY. that serves as the Large Animal Rescue for Wayne County and has an all-volunteer Large Animal Rescue Team.

The rebranding process included new logo designs, new color palettes, advertisement posters, and a new website.


The original logo is deliberately designed to represent every important aspect of Cracker Box Palace. While the old-school barn implies CBP's rich history, the three animals illustrations show one of its main goals which is to rescue animals. Additionally, the pine tree illustrations symbolize the nature of the farm. 

Since Cracker Box Palace has many areas of attraction, a series of three cohesive but different-focused posters were designed to represent each attraction which is the animal shelter, its historical background, and its hiking trails.