Title: Celebrity

Date: Feb 2020

Location: Rochester, NY


By giving each insect a human-like biography, I want people to pay more attention to the existence of other species around us. Instead of destroying and taking their homes for our use, we should be aware of our behaviors. Bad actions lead to worse consequences. Climate change is already one of those consequences that humans caused, and it's affecting the lives of every creature on this planet. A dramatically changing climate is going to cause many negative side effects we didn't predict. Cicadas overwhelm tree branches across the mid-Atlantic once every 17 years, like clockwork. Because of climate change, while their population is decreasing, cicadas start appearing on trees four years early.
Similarly, while their population is declining, Spiders across different species are getting more aggressive and even bigger due to climate change. However, as one of the world's most invasive species, the red imported fire ant loves warmer climates. As a result, their population is increasing dramatically, which is bad news for not only humans but also other animals.