Title: Transient of Things

Date: February 2021

Location: Rochester, NY


This series is based on the concept of Mono No Aware, a Japanese phrase, which translates to the beautiful transience of things.


With the effect of Covid-19, time seems to be going faster while we are in lockdown. Every day looks the same. This blurring of identical days leads us to create fewer new memories, which is crucial to our perception of time. Memories are one of the ways that we judge how much time has passed. Even if the days feel slow, when you get to the end of the week and look back, retrospectively estimating how much time has passed, you have made fewer new memories than usual and time seems to have disappeared.


Content-wise, the reflection of flash motors passing by off the glass windows is a sign of time. Technique-wise, I overlayed two images taken in the same sense but with the opposite focus point. One focuses on the foreground, which usually emphasizes the texture of things; one focuses on the background, where the lights play the lead. Awareness of all things' transience heightens appreciation of their beauty and evokes a gentle sadness at their passing.